SIRE LARRY CARLTON L7, mint w hard case - Brantford

This is the Sire Larry Carlton model L7, Larry's signature Les Paul design. It's a killer Les Paul Standard-style guitar. I bought it new about a year and a half ago and since then have played it very little and only at home. It's in absolutely mint condition with zero fret wear. Price includes a brand new spotless hard case (not included with purchase of a new Sire guitar). The Sire LC models, especially the L7, are very hard to find in used condition. I have 2 other Sire guitars - the "335" LC and the Marcus Miller bass - and for all 3 (less so with the bass) it was necessary to have some fret work done to get them to optimal playability. In spite of what you may read/see in reviews, while these instruments are beautifully made and designed, Sire's quality control leaves something to be desired, IMO. The L7 came from the factory needing, aside from the usual setup, a full fret dress and some nut filing. It now plays perfectly in all positions with every note ringing clear and buzz-free. For full details on this guitar see the Sire website

Here are the specs: BODY Body Material: Mahogany+Hard Maple+Flamed Veneer Body Shape: Sire L Type Body Color: TS, TBL, GT (Gold Top), BK, WH NECK Neck Material: Mahogany Neck Shape: C-Shape Scale: 24.7" Fingerboard Material: Ebony, Edgeless™ (Rolled Fretboard Edges) Fingerboard Radius: 12" Frets: 2.7mm Medium Jumbo Binding: Ivory Binding String Nut: Bone Nut, 43mm Width Inlay: Wh.P Trapezoids Shape Neck Joint: Set-Neck Joint

Strings are D'Addario EXL-115-3D 11-49 set.

If you have any questions or would like additional photos please ask. I just noticed that in my photos the truss rod cover is missing. I have it and will of course include it in the sale. This is a phenomenal guitar. It sounds and plays great. (I know, they all say that!) I'm only selling it because I have other guitars that I play more. My price is firm and, considering the upgraded fret work and hard case, more than fair. You'd be hard pressed to find a used one and new they go for over 1G plus case, tax and likely additional setup costs. I'm not interested in trades so please don't ask. I'm in Brantford. I could meet in Hamilton, Woodstock, or Cambridge for handoff.

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Larry Carlton - Sire USA

WHY LARRY CARLTON AND SIRE ARE TOGETHER? We all know that legends will remain forever. With the uncountable achievements and unforgettable participations in thousands of recording sessions and hundreds of albums indifferent genres since the 70’s, Larry Carlton is truly a pillar in the music, especially the jazz industry. Having maintained a remarkable solo career over the past decades, what else could a Larry Carlton ask for?

If you have been able to read the story of how Marcus Miller became a part of the SIRE family, Larry Carlton’s will sound a little bit familiar to you. Our guys from Sire went to him to personally ask him if he could be a partner in offering quality guitars for a great price point to musicians. He was shown five different guitars (prototypes) to begin with and he thought that those were wonderful.

His exact words would be, “It was unbelievable. These guitars play and sound wonderful!” So, he sent his guitars to SIRE team so they could completely get all the technical specs and reproduce them, having faith that the team would really make high-end professional playing guitars, and the twist comes, at a price point that everybody can afford.” As a known guitar player, hailed as a Legend to many, what else could a Larry Carlton ask for? In an online interview with Joe Bonamassa (Live from Nerdville with Joe Bonamassa – Episode 33 – Larry Carlton – YouTube), he clearly talked about this. He said, “At this stage of my showed me the quality of the instruments that they could make, to my specs, the price they could make it, I thought this is cool. I want more guitar players that wanna play a 355 style or a Les Paul style that don’t have a lot money to have a quality instrument.” It is so heartwarming to learn that Carlton’s motivation has actually the players to “Experience the joy of music” that can initially be achieved by being able to play a guitar of their own that will not really break their banks.

Carlton is about make sure that these guys, let’s say, who wanna be like him will first be able to have the instruments to play to begin with more than making sure that the get his playing skills. Larry Carlton may leave a legacy because of his exceptional talent that may still be seem through his videos hundreds to thousands of years from now through the internet but it is another thing to live a legacy and be remembered for the compassion and love that he has for the present and succeeding generations of guitar players. The birth of SIRE Larry Carlton line of guitars is the beginning. It simply shows that SIRE is with Larry Carlton in ensuring that not only him but many others will also be ab...