Dance4Fun Fitness - Dance Exercise Lessons - Fort McMurray

I am a Certified Zumba Instructor, Maggie who has over 15 years dance and fitness experiences. Everybody can dance! Dancing feels great in a way that's hard to describe. It's relaxing, it's social, it builds communities, it's fun! There are several advantages below: 1. HEALTH BODY; HEALTH MIND 2. CONTROLS WEIGHT 3. IMPROVE MOOD 4. BOOST ENERGY 5. CAN BE FUN….AND SOCIAL!! Type of lessons: 1. One on one Zumba Dance private lessons for you. $100/per hour 6 hours: $600 2. Group of lessons: $25/per person; (special price: $20/per hour when you "Subscribe" to my YouTube channel: 3. Birthday Party/Special Events: $1000/10 person Book your Lessons below: Dancing for Fun: Online registration system: Text messages to me to book your Zumba lessons, Birthday Party or Christmas Party today!

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