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http://www.brighterfuturesolar.ca Call us to learn more or order your Custom Off Grid Kit today With rising energy costs, more remote homes & Cabins, having control of your Family's Energy security becomes more important then ever. Meet our reliable, fuel-free power solution to help reduce your power bills or power your off-grid location. With Simple and easy Plug & Play set up for even the most remote location, both the Sol-Ark or Power tower inverters offering seamless off grid intergation, going off grid has never been easier. As a completely integrated system combining solar, DC to AC conversion, battery charging, grid bypass and automatic generator start, the Power Tower/Sol Ark is a plug and play system like never before: Experience the power of both rather for back up power or completely off the grid. it houses all electronics in one, elegant locking glass cabinet. Since all off-grid components are housed in one system, getting up and running is a simple as plugging in the batteries and your solar panels then wiring the output into your breaker panel. With an integrated Automatic Generator Start (AGS), even in the worst case scenarios, a backup generator can automatically be started when the batteries hit a critical level. Avoid rising electricity & distribution costs, underwater cable maintenance for island properties, and not to mention power outages that flood basements and spoil food. With system designed for easy expansion that allows for more batteries up to 154kw to be string togeather per inverter. Simply install more panels as need up the inverter rating. We offer both custom Roof or Ground Mount options for Panel set ups as well as custom mounting advice for remote locations. We carry a variety of sizing's from small for easy portability as well as to large long term OFF-Grid kits for all your Cabin, Cottage, house needs and more. Custom Units & Designs Available The Mini- $7690 1kw Solar, 3.6 kw Battery The Starter-$14,990 3.2kw Solar , 5kw Battery, 5kw Sol-ARK or 6kw Power Tower The Cottager-$22,490 4.6Kw Solar, 14kw Battery, 5kw Sol-Ark or 6kw Power Tower The Chateau-$28,990 7.2kw Solar, 14kw Battery, 12kw Sol-Ark

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