Lets chat 4 cofe tea, boks, shopi indn pak asn maĺe friend Scarb - Toronto

Hi their, everyone its sure nice cool chilly, times, happy, new year, s 4 Jan. i hope all of u, feeling; well im hoping to chat meet, - you, 4@ cofee chaii,latee, you are: college,; Indn asn desi , South asn, pakistni , Muslm,pthn, afgni , iranian friends.you be kind loyal, safe,too. Meet,later some days,afernoon', or, early, evenings 4, Nice, a cofee tea social chat, show s, talk about books, college, Art music movies tv dvds, i lkie to go to fairview mall to 4, shopping.etc. we chat about , Family,life im not to from,a tims cofeeshop, or meet nearby my area, In. scarb, east side befre shepprd, thanks,. I got 1 or 2 replies earlier back,in december so please reply back my emails had some technical problems. Thanks 4 a good friendship.' No mindgames.

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