UNWANTED WILDLIFE INC. - Raccoons/Squirrels Wildlife Removal - - Toronto

-Do you hear noise in your attic / on your roof at night? You may have a raccoon or squirrel problem. At Unwanted Wildlife Inc. we take pride in offering our customers the mоst affordable prices with the most humane and safe removal options. The animals are never harmed and your sаtisfaction is guaranteed. All of our technicians are highly trained so you can put your mind at ease when yоu call us. FREE ESTIMATES can be given over the phone or by email. We hаve been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years. ** 647-370-3204 ** Preventative steps will be addressed to guaranteе the animals do not return and any missing or destroyed shingles on your roof will be repaired. To avoid future damage, metal coverings can be installed over your roof vents. -Fast / Efficient / Reliable / Insured / Affordable / Free Estimates -Call us today & one of our skilled technicians will solve all of your issues. ** 647-370-3204 ** LICENSED & INSURED Unwanted Wildlife Inc. offers repairs and removal 7 days a week.

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