DawnRay 4 inch gimbal LED Recessed Light 9 W - Kingston Area

Model: DR40RG-WH


  • 90° Tilting

  • High Performance

  • Easy Installation

  • Airtight

  • 5CCT Switchable-2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K

  • 10%-100% dimming capability

  • 5 Years Warranty;


  • Wattage: 9

  • Input: 100-125V AC, 60Hz, 0.09A

  • Bean Angle: 38°

  • Lumens: 860

  • Cut-Size: 4-1/4"

  • Power Factor: >0.95;

LED Gimbal Slim Light Installation Guide

Important: Read all instructions before installing fixtures. Retain for future reference.

Operation Temperature:


Suitable for damp locations.

Suitable for the insulated ceiling.

Type IC Rated for direct contact with insulation

Safety: For your safety, this fixture must be wired in accordance with local electrical codes and ordinances. All work should be done by a qualified electrician.

Warning: Make sure power is OFF from the electrical panel before starting the installation or attempting any maintenance. For indoor installation only.

Tools Required:


*Measuring Tape

*Electrical Wiring

(use type and gauge suitable for application to connect the fixtures).

Hole Cut Size:

4" Round:∅4 1/4"(108mm)

Assembly Instructions:

1. Risk of electric shock - turn off the power before inspection, installation or removal.

2. Locate a suitable position to place the LED fixture and open a hole in accordance to the cut-hole dimensions (refer to Hole Cut Table for appropriate size).

3. Run the electrical wire from the switch (power supply), through the mounting hole-use NMD90 or BX cable.

4. Open the hardwire box swing cover and remove the appropriate knockout(s).

5. Insert the electrical supply cable through the knockout.

6.Wire box using supplied quick connect push-in terminals. Connect green ground wire of the cable to yellow-green wire of box. Connect white wire of the cable to white wire of box. Connect black wire of the cable to black wire of box.

7. Place all wiring and connections back into the box and close the cover.

8.New construction applications: junction box shall be firmly secured to studs, joists, or similar fixed structural units.

9. Remodel applications: Do not require the junction box to be firmly secured after the mounting plates, studs, joists, or structural units that have been concealed. Snap off the junction box tabs, then insert into the ceiling.

10. Push spring-loaded clips on the fixture upwards and insert fixture base into the mounting hole. Release the clips and fixture will be pulled flush to the ceiling.

11. Once assembly is complete, turn on the power to confirm the fixture is working properly.

Condition: New

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