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The word Leather usually makes one think of dens and libraries, smoking rooms and such. Out Gray Leather Luxury 12mm floating cork floor is no exception. With its straight lines and right angles, “Gray Leather” is well suited to sit next to a traditional hardwood floor or up against decorative or linoleum tiling. Come see us at cancork.com and order your samples today

Cork is a completely natural, recurring, and easily replenish able material. It is made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which can be harvested without harming the tree, and is re-harvestable every decade. Cork also brings a number of benefits to a home and few drawbacks. It is also biodegradable, and will break down into the environment at the end of its life cycle. With floating cork flooring you’ll bring a wonder of nature into your home.

See us today and learn how you can order your cork flooring direct from our warehouse and save. We have all the top color and product choices with great shipping rates. Visit our online showroom at cancork.com and let us help you find the floor of your dreams at a price that won’t keep you up at night.

Order Free Sample Today Cancork Floor Inc www.cancork.com Toll Free: +1 (888) 686-5778

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