Industrial Welding Machines - MIG, TIG, Stick, Engine Drive, Wire Feeders

Comparc Industrial Welding Machines are now available in Canada. Forget the fancy words and award winning speeches, we are just here to bring you a new line of heavy duty machines at prices our competitors can not touch. Our Comparc line of 575 volt machines includes: MIG, TIG, Stick, Wire Feeders, and Gas Engine Drives.

Machines Available:

  • MM 300 ES
  • DELTAMIG 300
  • DELTAMIG 455
  • MI 265 L AC/DC STICK
  • 604T/ 604MT WIRE FEEDERS

Crossfire Welders now offers Paybright, easy, no hassle payment plans so you get the Crossfire welding machine you want when you want it.

Please contact us for more information and pricing at 905-951-2788 or or visit

Willing to ship the item | Offers curbside pick up | Offers cashless payment

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