One (1) Privacy Panel/ Room Divider - Victoria

These panels have been nimbly handcrafted with beautifully and naturally coloured Fir and Cedar wood, with hinges incorporated onto alternating sides. With just a few choice tweaks, they can be transformed into room dividers or accordion doors. With the addition of a few ball bearings, they can be customized as bi-fold doors or sliders. Of course, they are also perfect as standalone panels. Whichever incarnation suits your fancy, they will make a seamless addition to any Gazebo, Garage, Patio or Bedroom.

Endless Possibility: Although the functional possibilities of these panels is already just a matter of imagination, we can also customize the aesthetics as best suit your needs. Sanded and finished Pine or Spruce construction would make for a more affordable yet equally durable piece, whereas exotic hardwoods such as Maple and Oak will be better suited for a more lush setting. We recommend a Fir or Cedar construction as the most reasonable ‘bang for your buck’.

The measurements for various incarnations of this model vary, but they measure approximately 90 by 16 inches, with a thickness of 2.5 inches.

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Condition: New

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