QNAP TS-231 NAS - Windsor Region


I am trying to sell my existing QNAP TS-231 NAS system. It is fully up to date (QTS 4.3.4+) and has been completely wiped. Unit has been wiped, but was used previously as network storage (SMB) and used as an iSCSI drive for existing server data. Equipped with 2x SATA-III bays, is capable of RAID0 (striped) or RAID1 (mirrored) for extra drive redundancy. Drives used were 2x recently purchased 4TB Seagate compute HDDs and are still under warranty.

Asking $250 for the QNAP -or- Asking $450 for the QNAP + 2x 4TB Seagate drives

Asking additional $75 for pre-emptively setting up unit for pickup if requested (factory reset, user accounts setup, samba network drives setup -or- iSCSI targets, etc.) for use with business and/or personal applications.

Cash and/or Interac E-Transfers are accepted Please email nick@solian.ca for inquiries


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